Similan Islands - Koh Surin - Boonsong Wrack - Burma


Description of divesites
Similan Islands, Koh Surin, Bonsoong Wrack, Burma

Similan Meer

This page gives a brief description of some of the dive sites that you are likely to visit. ‘Koh’ means ‘island’ in Thai, so most of the divesites are named Koh …
Koh Similian is a Marine National Park and located 90 km (52 NM – nautical miles) NW of Patong Beach.
(For the technical freaks amongst you – the coordinates are on the Northern end 08º40’39” N and 97º39’15” E and 08º28’20” N and 97º39’40” E on the Southern end).

Perhaps the most famous of the dive sites in this area. This park is a spectacular seven mile long rocky archipelago, comprising of nine granite islands set in the Andaman Ocean.
The resulting abundant collection of high-viz, multi level dive sites are located near movie-location gorgeous islands with tropical rainforest, sandy beaches, and protected bays. Exploration of the undeveloped islands is possible except for the vacation home to some of the Thai Royals!

While diving, you are likely to discover an abundance of hard and soft corals, diverse marine life: large pelagic, including occasional whale sharks, mantas or eagle rays. On the protected eastern sides of the islands you’ll find gentle sloping reefs, anemones, hard and soft coral, and plenty of marine life.

Similan StrandOn the western reefs you’ll find giant boulder formations going to below forty meters, including many tunnels, archways, caverns, and swim throughs. Upwelling thermoclines from deep in the Indian Ocean can sometimes make this a chilly dive for us warm-water softies. Some of the sites have occasional moderate currents making for challenging diving.

Here’s a summary of the fantastic dive sites of the Similan Islands, theSurin Islands, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock.

A perfect dream of diving!